"Lovers Seek Dominance" (2nd Pressing)

by Sacramence

    Cassette + Digital Album

    Limited, Special Edition 2nd pressing of "Lovers Seek Dominance." AVAILABLE NOW THROUGH KNIFE VISION RECORDS.

    -New, Exclusive Track, "Pleasure of Space"
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    -1" High Gloss-Finish Diamond "JeAlTi" Logo Badge
    -4"x2.75" Logos Sticker

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COMING SOON on KNIFE VISION RECORDINGS is the remastered second pressing of "Lovers Seek Dominance." Exclusive to this release is a new layout and bonus track entitled, "Pleasure of Space."


"Originally a psychedelic black metal band, Sacramence made a very punctuated about face and re-manifested itself as a miserable, atmospheric mixture of post-industrial music, drone, and ambiance which evokes Coil, Raison d’Etre, and even Burzum’s electronic works. Fans of Sacramence’s previous works might be left a little dumbfounded, but Lovers Seek Dominance is catchy enough and performed with a tenderness to leave a lasting mark."

"...(T)his dose of brooding low end industrial dance fever is just what the doctor ordered. Synths swoon, darkness abounds, and I stop caring about the origins or the path....I just care about where we are."

"With their first proper full length now available on Knife Vision, Sacramence has eschewed traditional rock instrumentation and songwriting for a satisfying and dense mixture of early industrial and coldwave sounds, neo-folk, dark ambient, and a decidedly more electronic undertone. This tape immediately brings to mind acts like Coil or Current 93 - shifting from brooding to still brooding (but dancy), and from menacing and bleak to innocent and light. This is what I believe will prove to be the first step in a direction that sees Sacremance garnering praise from outside of the punk and metal communities, and with good reason - “Lovers Seek Dominance” has left me both satisfied, and wildly fascinated with where the project will go next."
-Anthems of the Undesirable

"Here, in their third release, SACRAMENCE explore existence, spirituality and sexuality through electronic and acoustic means. This is industrial music that doesn’t come with the usual amount of mechanical coldness. Here it is more evident than ever that there is an old-world peace that comes with the careful and repetitive nature of ritual."
-J.Hellas (Malphas) / Youth Attack!

"Sacramence started as a lo-fi black metal project akin to Bone Awl or Ildjarn, but now founding member S. Jordan operates alone with the help of the occasional collaborator. On Lovers Seek Dominance, S. Jordan experiments with field recordings, religious themes, and minimal synth arrangements to create something wholly refreshing. Fans of Coil, early Current 93, and Prurient should take note."
-Brian Cole/ Heathen Harvest- Best of 2016: Artist Edition



“Lovers Seek Dominance”

Ryanne Wyne~Vocals
Kevin Slaven~Vocals, Keys
S.Jordan~Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Electronics, Keys, Percussion, Vibraphone, Sampling

I. everswallower II
II. Civilisation and Want
III. Colonisation
IV. Ashes
V. Judas Cradle
VI. Cleansing Reign
VII. Courtesan ‡
VIII. Pleasure of Space ‡‡

“Lovers Seek Dominance” was conceived in the Spring and Summer of 2015 in Richmond, Virginia, except ‡.

All music written by S.Jordan, with help from Kevin Slaven on tracks III and IV.

All lyrics were written by S.Jordan, except “Colonisation,” which were written by Kevin Slaven.
My deepest thanks go to Kevin for his continuing support of this project.

Engineered, Mixed, and Remastered by S.Jordan

31 31 31
Ein Sof

R.Wyne, K.Slaven, J.Neumaier, · שקר בתוך אור ·

‡"Courtesan" is a bonus track that was originally available on the 2011 PGSB/DEBRIS AMOUR split cassette on SWIMHARDERCASSETTES. I consider this track to be the earliest incarnation of Sacramence, and due to the cassette not receiving a proper, readily available release, I chose to include it here. My kindest wishes to my collaborators on that release.

‡‡ "Pleasure of Space" is a bonus track exclusive to the second pressing of "Lovers Seek Dominance." Written and Recorded Summer 2016.

This album was remastered for re-release by S.Jordan.


For additional information on Sacramence, and subjects related to the idea and aesthetic of the project, please visit:



released July 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Sacramence Richmond, Virginia

Sacramence is S.Jordan.


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09/20/2017- RVA, Strange Matter, w/ Drab Majesty
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Track Name: everswallower II
Iron Lamb.
Eye of Christ.
I am of the Horns.
I am the Continuous Tear.
I forever swallow...
Forever Die.
He's died everyday for nothing.
Track Name: Civilisation and Want
Civilized humanity sees pain in a false light. While pleasure is the primary goal in one’s lifetime, it is forgotten that pain is necessary in pleasure’s existence. One cannot experience joy without benefitting from another’s existence in dejection. Tasting the flesh of the slaughtered. Keeping warm in the sweat of an innocent. Bowing to leaders subsisting on the blood of their people. Yes. Life is the combination of the anguish of the weak, and the joy of the strong, however we wish to see it. Mankind reveres its counterfeit, benevolent nature, and continues to live in comfort, keeping the byproduct of their serenity just out of eye’s reach, treating it as one treats a bad dream. Creating idols to model one’s fabricated humanity after, and hanging the dead dictators from chains around their necks. We exist either in castles or in ruins. The castles seem to have infinite walls.
Track Name: Colonisation
Torch the forests,
Strip the land,
Paint the sky with fire's breath.
To the precipice of human death,
feast and famine march hand in hand.
Matching steps, wrapped, ecstatic...
The dying gasps of man's survival.
...And death waits,
silent, at rest, dreaming...
Death dreams of our arrival.
Death dreams of our arrival...
Track Name: Ashes
I see your form,
obscuring mountains,
obscuring shadows.
I see you there,
making the water,
(and) swallowing the water.
You brought me to heaven.
You left me there.
You coiled around me.
Track Name: Cleansing Reign
(The) ashes on your face
grant you eternity.
(Still) purging on what's left
with the cross at your neck.
Find your hollow.
Find you're hollow.
Track Name: Pleasure of Space
What was it about you?
You breathe
you both breathe
She didn't want it
You've found someone
You found someone like you
You can tell your friends how close you've become